Why a Slingshot Rental is the Perfect Way to Experience Zion National Park - Slingshot Zion
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Why a Slingshot Rental is the Perfect Way to Experience Zion National Park

Why a Slingshot Rental is the Perfect Way to Experience Zion National Park

Zion National Park might be known for its hiking trails, but that doesn’t mean that the only way to enjoy the scenery is on foot.

Hiking isn’t for everyone, or even possible for everyone. Whether you have a diverse group that includes members who can’t hoof it on a trail, you need something to fill the time between hikes, or you simply want to experience a different side of Zion, it’s time to explore your options.

And one of those options is to rent a Slingshot.

Zipping through the park in the open air will open your eyes to views of Zion and the surrounding area that you’ve never seen before, even if you’ve visited a hundred times in the past. Keep reading to learn just a few of the reasons why a visit to Slingshot Zion is the perfect way to experience Zion National Park.

You’ll See Unobstructed Views

You could drive the same roads in and around Zion in your own personal vehicle. But with a roof, a high dashboard, and four walls around you, your view is far from unobstructed.

That’s where a Slingshot comes in. With nothing between you and the stunning scenery, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the park.

It’s a Great Break from the Heat

Besides hiking, another thing that Zion is known for is the heat. During the summer months, it’s not unusual for the temperature to creep to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, it is unusual for the temp to fall below 90 degrees in July and August.

Add in hiking several miles over steep, rocky terrain, with the sun beating down on you, and you’ll see why heatstroke and dehydration are such threats.

While not having a roof might make it seem as though you’ll be stuck in that heat, take a short drive in a Slingshot and you’ll see that that’s far from the case. With the wind whipping past you, you’ll stay cool and comfortable–just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Many of Zion’s Trails are Strenuous

When most people think of Zion, they think of the historic trail cut into the rock at Angel’s Landing or the stunning views from the top of Observation Point.

But many new visitors don’t realize that quite a few of the park’s most famous trails are strenuous, long hauls that aren’t accessible for anyone who isn’t an experienced hiker. In fact, Angel’s Landing is one of the world’s most dangerous trails. Especially in the summer months when temperatures climb, taking on one of these trails can be dangerous if you don’t have the training, stamina, and the gear necessary to conquer them.

If you were planning a visit to the park because you wanted the adventure of scaling mountains and completing these and other trails, and you’re thinking twice after reading each one’s difficulty rating, Slingshot Zion is a great alternative. You’ll still enjoy a rush of excitement and stunning views, but with no training hikes necessary.

Everyone Can Join In

While there are plenty of hiking trails in Zion that are rated easy or moderate, even that may be too much for some visitors. But that doesn’t mean that those people have to miss out on all of the fun.

Whether you have mobility issues or simply can’t hike in the heat, renting a Slingshot is the perfect activity to enjoy instead. You won’t have to worry about a few members of your group falling behind or becoming overwhelmed. No resting on the side of the trail or having to turn back half-way. In a Slingshot, everyone is equal. Each member of your group or family can enjoy the sights and the excitement together.

You Can See More in Less Time

Zion National Park covers more than 200 square miles. While much of this is wilderness area, there’s still plenty of ground to cover. When you have a limited amount of time to visit the park, you’ll want to cover as much ground as you can as fast as you can to make the most of your trip.

A Slingshot can help with this. Unlike driving in your own vehicle, which you’ll have to constantly climb out of in order to enjoy the views, you can see it all right from the seat of your Slingshot.

Create a Lasting Memory with a Slingshot Rental

Few things compare to riding a Slingshot through the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. Over a mile long, the tunnel was and still remains an engineering marvel that should be as high on your bucket list as the hiking trails you plan to visit.

But whether you’re looking to zip through the tunnel, enjoy some unobstructed views, or simply want a fun activity that everyone in your group can enjoy together, a Slingshot rental is a great choice. Check out our rates or contact us today to learn more or to schedule your rental!